About Our Business

About Our Business

JBond is a PTS operator specialized in e-trading for JGBs.
Established in 2000, JBond has been striving for transparency and operation efficiencies for JGB trading with its easy to use system.
Our main platform, JBOND Repo System has been up and running from October 2009.
With its practical functionalities, market participants have highly appreciated our system and JBond has established itself as the dominant JGB repo e-platform. We have never experienced any system-down since its inception.

JBOND Repo System

JBOND Repo System has been developed to help market participants trade JGB repos smoothly, to increase transparency, and to enhance accuracy/speed/convenience.

The Tokyo Tanshi Co., Ltd (Japan’s major money market broker) is a counterparty for all trades done by the system.
JBond is not involved in the settlements.
By having a broker in the middle, users can secure anonymity.
The Tokyo Tanshi Co., Ltd. handles settlements through JSCC (Japan Securities Clearing Corporation).
Users are limited to JSCC members.

Now we offer our trade data with fee.
For the details, please contact info@jbond.co.jp.